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Tranquillity 20" x 20"

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Buddha has been my inspiration all my life. I have always found solace in his teachings during many turbulent times. He is the symbol of peace, harmony, wisdom and conscience. With so much suffering and greed in the world, I tried to capture the serene and compassionate form to remind us all of the spirituality inside us, which can help find peace and insight within one. His half-closed eyes with a gentle smile help portray him in deep meditation, and the lotus helps symbolize purity of body and speech.

This set is painted on acid-free, durable and eco- friendly, synthetic surface “YUPO.” I have used rich and vibrant colours (Golden acrylic & fluid colours), which express the positive, enlightened and pure energy of Buddha.

This serene art piece comes with a frame and ready to hang.
It has a layer of Art Resin too.
20" x 20"

Thank you for your interest!