Welcome to the world where dreams come alive in colour!

Neerja Trehan is a full-time Canadian artist, living in Mississauga, ON. She has a solid learning base, with Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Punjab University, India.

A dreamer, traveller, adventurist, Neerja Trehan finds inspiration from nature and rigmarole of daily life. Her quest inspires her to understand the extraordinary in
the ordinary and give her imagination life on canvas. She regularly exhibits her artwork throughout Canada.

Neerja is an Acrylic and mixed media artist. She strives to create artwork that helps stimulate positive thought, peace, and harmony within oneself. She captures the serene and compassionate form of nature to explore the Mystical side of Life. She finds the process of creating artwork using vibrant colours, fluid movements and organic compositions very meditative.

When she is not in her studio, she likes to spend time with her husband, two boys and a fur baby. She finds the art of baking very contemplative and focused. After a
a day devoted to the rigours of daily routine, she looks forward to a moment of zen and unwinds by listening to soft music and mediation.

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“What a work of beauty! Looking at it, I see a strong, graceful, empowered female who embraces life. Thank you for capturing her spirit.” Feeling grateful!


Awesome piece of art work! Loved the quick delivery and packaging came intact. Thank you so much Neerja! Loved shopping at your store.


I fell in love with the sleek resin surface, the bluey-green hues of course + hints of pink wave, emoting a powerful message to honor sacred waters and resources of mama earth, taking nothing for granted. Such a beautiful piece!