Tranquil Layers (36"x36")
Tranquil Layers (36"x36")
Tranquil Layers (36"x36")

Tranquil Layers (36"x36")

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"Water is the driving force of all nature." - Leonardo da Vinci

Tranquil Layers is from my "Earthy Glam" series. 
"Tranquil Layers" is a painting that speaks to the soul with its harmonious blend of natural elements. The horizon is a  mix of browns and blacks, suggesting the distant mystery of the earth meeting the sky at dusk. This darker, enigmatic band contrasts with the serene blue waters in the foreground, which convey a sense of peace and stillness. Adding to the painting's tranquility are delicate white lines that ripple across the canvas, these lines bring a sense of movement and life, highlighting the painting's layered depth and the quiet, reflective mood it encapsulates.

Acrylic and inks on Gallery Canvas
36" x 36"
Ready to hang.