White Oaks Art Group Show- 21-23 April 2023 at Visual Art Mississauga

Trees, acrylic painting, watercolorpaper, paper painting, texture painting, acrylic and inks, homedecor, interiordesigners, walldecor, nature, nature beauty, original art
Earthy Glam series- #1
Earthy Glam series- #1
Earthy Glam series- #1

Earthy Glam series- #1

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"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

These landscapes are an attempt to capture the magnificence and splendor of the natural world, enhanced by the use of gold and silver leaf in the paintings.

Acrylic, Inks and Gold leaf/silver leaf on watercolor paper.
  • 8"x10" image size
  • 11"x14" Mat size (included)
  • unframed

The painting is varnished, signed and has UV protection.