About Neerja

Neerja Trehan is a full-time Canadian artist, living and working in Mississauga, ON. Art has always been a very vital part of her life. She started drawing from very early on, and as far as she can remember, she has been inspired to create. She did her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Punjab University, India.

After finishing her degree, she worked as a creative designer for years before heading to the shores of North America in 2001.

Neerja Trehan is a dreamer, traveler and adventurist, who persisted with her desire for creativity by pursuing art through freelance and conducting art workshops. In 2009, she relocated to Vancouver, and the beauty of Vancouver inspired her to immerse herself entirely into arts again.

Neerja’s Art helps stimulate positive thought, peace, and harmony within oneself. She captures the serene and compassionate form of nature to explore the Mystical side of Life. Her paintings usually consist of many layers of acrylic colours, inks and resin. The luminous colour interactions created by currents and waves as the light dances between them fascinates her. She finds the process of creating artwork using vibrant colours, fluid movements and organic compositions very meditative.